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We are very excited to announce an entirely new conference: PyConWEB 2017!

It is mainly focused on Web development but not limited to it.
The conference includes talks and workshops that will introduce everyone to primary web-related tools of Python; it’s like DjangoCon/PloneConf and so on, mixed together into one conference on 3 tracks in 2 days.

Call for papers runs until March 15th. The selection process is iterative, the sooner you apply, the higher your chances.

Early bird tickets will be released in March, we will send notifications to the mailing list.

We will be working hard to bring this entirely new event to you and would be thankful for any feedback and support. Please help us out by:

One big Thank you to the great Python community that makes it all happen. Happy 2017, and let’s make our Python universe even more diverse!
– your PyConWEB team

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